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Halifax offers a range of savings products that are tax-free, easy to access and on fixed or variable term. You can select your preferred financial product from the assortment of cash Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), followed by a quick process online. You will have an account number within minutes!

You are invited to carefully read the terms and conditions of engagement as they are legally binding. Note that opening an account is viewed as acceptance of the terms, which are legally enforceable. If there is anything you do not understand, call Halifax contact number 0843 455 0108 before you make the application.

The interest earned by Halifax ISA’s is tax-free. However, taxation on individual savings accounts is dependent on particular circumstance and therefore subject to changes.

Halifax Contact Number 0843 455 0108

Savings Accounts Offered By Halifax

Help To Buy Individual Savings Account

Features of a Help to Buy ISA

Halifax contact number

Saving in a Help to Buy ISA requires the following;

  • A deposit of any amount from £1 – £1,000 that must be received within three weeks of opening the account.
  • A monthly saving of any amount from £1 to £200, which should be received no later than the 25th day of the month
  • Monitoring the account in branch, on the phone or via online banking systems is encouraged

If you already have a Help to Buy savings account with Halifax, you are allowed do the following;

  • Transfer to any other account and take full advantage of the Halifax ISA Promise
  • Transfer the total amount or up to £1,000 to a more profitable Halifax ISA, or to another Help to Buy ISA

If you would like to know more about the benefits that come with the transfers or are not sure how to do it, you can call Halifax contact number 0843 455 0108 for guidance.

Keep the following in mind;

  • This Individual Savings Account is for 1st-time clients only
  • Once you are set to purchase your new home, you should close your account in one operation in a branch (not on phone or online)
  • You get your bonus when you buy UK property of not more than £450,000 within London and £250,000 outside of London
  • All other costs of property purchase incurred before the process is over will not be covered by the bonus
  • You cannot pay into more than one cash ISA in any given tax year. You can call Halifax contact number 0843 455 0108 for more details

Benefits of a Help to Buy ISA

  • Based on individual eligibility, an account holder gets a 25% government bonus of a maximum of £3,000
  • You can make as many withdrawals as you want. Note that you may not be able to claim a reward if your total amount doesn’t qualify you, and it may take a while to get to the qualifying amount if you withdraw too often
  • This type of account qualifies for a chance at the Halifax Savers Prize Draw

ISA Saver Fixed

Features and Benefits of ISA Saver Fixed
Fix Rate ISAs

  • You are allowed to save a maximum of £20,000 each tax year. If you have an extra allowance which you wish to invest, you can put it into an innovative finance ISA, stocks and shares ISA or a lifetime savings account
  • You get the very best of our ISA Promise for any transfers
  • You get the freedom to choose where the interest you earn will be paid. You are allowed to have it paid into your ISA, or into any other account with any other building society or commercial bank. Keep in mind that interest earned from other accounts after the transfer may be subject to taxation unless of course, the account is tax exempt as well
  • You are at liberty to cancel an application for a new account or close one, or transfer your funds into another ISA without charge so long as it is done within 14 days of opening the account. The credit balance in the account you close and the interest accrued will be remitted to an account of your choice


  • Minimum opening balance for a Saver Fixed ISA is £500
  • All transfers and deposits into the account should be done within 60 days of opening an account
  • The interest accrued is paid annually on the anniversary date the account is opened
  • You are not allowed to make any withdrawals unless you are closing the account
  • Early withdrawal attracts a penalty, which may cost you six months’ tax-free interests for an account on a 2-year fixed term. This means that you will get less than you invested
  • The account automatically becomes an Instant ISA Saver once the fixed term is over unless differing instructions are communicated beforehand
  • A National Insurance Number is a requirement in the application process

ISA Saver Variable

Features and Benefits of ISA Saver Variable

  • Halifax Bank Contact Number
    You need only £1 to open an account
  • The account can be easily accessed with limitless withdrawals allowed
  • You can save up to £20,000 in any given tax year (less any amount invested in innovative finance, lifetime or stocks and shares ISA’s)
  • The interests your savings accrue are paid annually on the anniversary date the account was opened. If it doesn’t fall on a working day, payment is done on the subsequent working date
  • The interest accrued in this savings account is tax-free
  • With the flexible ISA rules, you can withdraw cash and replace it in the account in the same year and still have your tax free entitlement intact
  • You can efficiently manage your account over the phone on Halifax contact number 0843 455 0108, in branch or online.

Junior Cash ISA

Would you like to save up for your child? Opening a savings account for your child not only teaches them how to handle money but is also an excellent way to earn tax-free returns!

Features and Benefits

  • Pre-existing Child Trust Fundholders are only allowed to apply for a Junior Cash ISA at the branch.
  • Anyone can deposit into a Junior ISA, though the annual limits apply. Deposits are not refundable as they are treated as gifts
  • This is a long-term savings account whose earnings are tax-free, and opening balance is only £1
  • You can save as much as you want, up to £4,128 in any given tax year less any amounts collected in a stocks and shares JISA
  • The parent can open an account for any child who is less than 16 years old. However, if the child is between 16 and 17 years old, they are allowed to open the account themselves
  • A Junior Cash ISA can be cashed in when the child attains the age of 18 years. The only time early cash in is allowed is if the beneficially suffers a terminal illness or passes away

Here is a summary of the most popular of Halifax Savings Accounts

Halifax ISAInterest RateAnnual Equivalent Rate
Help to Build ISA2%Variable
ISA Saver Fixed0.5%Fixed for two years
ISA Saver Variable0.2%Variable for 12 months
Junior cash ISA3%Fixed

Halifax contact number 0843 455 0108

Terms and Conditions of Opening A Savings Account With Halifax

One cannot over-emphasize the importance of reading and understanding the account terms and conditions before signing up. Once you open the account, the terms and conditions become legally binding. If there is any part that you do not understand, kindly get in touch on Halifax bank contact number 0843 455 0108 for clarification before you open the account. Debt advice is always available if you have money problems.

LV Contact Number

LV Contact Number 1

LV CONTACT NUMBER 0843 455 0144

LV Contact Number

Liverpool Victoria Insurance is the leading mutual and financial services provider, with more than 6,200 people under their employ. They boast of a solid customer base with more than 5.8 million clients, 1.1 million of whom are members.  Clients enjoy an assortment of products including insurance covers as well as retirement and investment resolutions.

What Liverpool Victoria Insurance Offers

Liverpool Victoria Insurance clients can access services from branches or through contracted brokers and licensed financial advisers. These services are also accessible via strategic partnerships with select organizations. You can call LV contact number 0843 455 0144 if you need information on how to tell if a financial adviser is duly licensed.

LV= categorizes products into:

  • General Insurance covers for those material items that people treasure such as cars, homes, holidays, businesses and pets.
  • Life Insurance covers with retirement and protection product. These covers comprise of investments and savings and covers lives and wages.
  • Heritage Insurance covers for investments and savings products that we do not actively market.
  • Non-insurance services for on-line retirement advice.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance is the 3rd largest automotive insurer in the UK and the most recognized service provider for car cover. However, general insurance service provides a wide array of insurance merchandise online, over the phone on LV contact number 0843 455 0144, through agents and/or partners.

The life insurance business has solid capabilities in critical illness and income protection, and LV= is the leading supplier of individual salary assurance in the UK. The retirement solutions offer a variety of retirement income products and are strategically developed to profit from the various changes in how people approach retirement income.

Our heritage insurance products are the customary heartland of our Society. This part of our operations takes care of a portion of the longest-running policies, the vast majority of which are with-benefits covers which have been active for decades.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance (LV=) started in 1843 and today provides a wide array of retirement resolutions and insurance products.

Summary of Liverpool Victoria’s Life Insurance Policy

Liverpool Victoria

LV= life cover can give a single lump sum payout to your family and other dependants in case of your demise. The same policy also incorporates a critical illness cover. This cover is meant to assist with regular bills such as living expenses and mortgage repayments in case of loss of income.  You should be between the age of 17 and 69 to purchase LV= life cover and should be a permanent resident of the UK. You can call LV contact number 0843 455 0144 for more information.

The amount one can get depends on your age when you start the policy. You can get a maximum of £500,000 for those who are 55 years and below, up to £300,000 for holders who are between 56 and 65 years and up to £200,000 for those who are 66 years and above.

LV= has a different life insurance policy for those who are 50 years and above. The plan guarantees a lump sum payout within two days. This plan is available today, and the prices start at £7 every month.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance has as of late added an element to its 50s insurance policy referred to as Doctor Services and is accessible via a Square Health powered app. It gives policyholders access to three professional medical services.

  • Remote General Practitioner allows the policyholder to talk to a specialist via phone or video, up to 5 times annually. Get the diagnosis, referrals to specialists and treatment advice for common ailments
  • The second Opinion allows the policyholder to look for a diagnosis and access guidance on the options available for treatment with any UK medical professional. This can be done via video or in person.
  • Prescription Services gives policyholders access to a private prescription without having to see your local general practitioner. This is an easier way to get the right prescription for your ailment.

Joint life policies, benefit limits apply only to the eldest individual on the program. Your insurance cover has to be five years long, but not longer than 45 years. This policy ends before you turn 85. You can get more details by calling LV contact number 0843 455 0144.

You can get a level or reducing term policy with Liverpool Victoria life insurance based on your situation.

  • A level term LV= policy features a fixed amount to cover the entire period of the plan. This amount will not be affected by inflation.
  • A decreasing LV= policy features a cover whose amount reduces monthly. The premium is constant, but it is considerably lower compared to a level term policy.

Liverpool Victoria compensated 97% of their life cover claims and 91% of all life-threatening illness dues in 2015.

Is It Possible To Add Critical Illness Cover To My LV= Life Cover?

LV Contact Number 2

As it is with most life insurance covers, with LV=, you can get an additional critical illness cover. Critical illness, combined with a life insurance policy, will issue compensation on demise or diagnosis with any one of the 64 pre-determined sicknesses. You are at liberty to determine how much you want to be paid when you place a claim. For instance, you may decide to have life insurance of £100,000 and only £25,000 for a severe illness claim.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance gives critical illness cover for kids of up to 21 years, at no added cost. All medical conditions are insured save for permanent disability as well as Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Critical illness claims will only be honored if you survive for more than 14 days after diagnosis. You can call LV contact number 0843 455 0144 for more information on critical illness claims. Payments can be taken directly out of your bank account.

Who Can Take Up Liverpool Victoria Insurance Life Cover?

LV= insurance policies are available to any permanent UK resident who is 79 years and younger. As you apply, you may be required to provide your doctor’s specifics and state your medical past. You should be as truthful as you can to avoid claim rejection due to inaccuracies.

What Will Happen In Case of a Life-Threatening Illness?

You are allowed to claim your life cover policy if you get a terminal illness diagnosis. Nevertheless, the total lump sum payable is reduced by 3%. If your life insurance cover has less than 48 months, your claim for terminal illness will get declined.

When you successfully get a critical illness claim paid, your life insurance policy ends with the claim. If you still have a critical illness policy, you can still get the full amount payable under that cover.

How Much Does LV= Life Cover Cost?

Liverpool Victoria life covers are priced from £5 monthly but will differ depending on how much you’d like to cover, the length of your policy and personal particulars.

LIVERPOOL Victoria’s above 50s life cover prices are from £7 monthly.

Your age and habits such as smoking can influence the premium amounts. All the same, as soon as your cover begins, your payments do not change till the end.

What Customer Reviews Say About LV= Insurance

Liverpool Victoria’s life cover has an enviable 8.9 star ranking out of 10. This is from more than 540 client reviews on Reevoo.

What Expert Reviews Say about Liverpool Victoria Insurance

Liverpool Victoria Insurance’s Flexible Protection Plan reducing life cover has a 5-star ranking from an independent financial products reviewer Defaqto. The LV= level term cover of the same policy has four stars, and its life cover has three stars.

Fairer Finance, an independent review site, ranked Liverpool Victoria Insurance 13th out of 21 acclaimed life insurance services providers in June of 2017. This classification is dependent on the number of claims, transparency and complaints filed.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance has also won several awards; such the Moneywise Most Trusted Life Insurer, 2016 award.

LV Contact Number 0843 455 0144

Tax Credits Number

TAX CREDITS NUMBER 0843 455 0127

Tax Credits Number

Tax credits refer to state benefits that are purposely established to provide extra income to families who are taking care of children, disabled workers or anyone on low income.

Tax credits are offered in two types; working tax credits or child tax credits. Anyone who is eligible for both can apply depending on their current circumstances. You can call the Tax Credits number 0843 455 0127 for more information on how you can claim both. Child benefit is also available for families with children.

Tax credits are means-tested government benefits. This means that eligibility is dependent on prevailing circumstances. The tax credits officer does not look at your savings or National Insurance contributions to determine whether you qualify for tax credits; only your circumstances qualify you. Tax credits are tax free – you are not required to pay any taxes on the amounts you receive. If you need to file a claim, contact HMRC.

How Tax Credit Awards Are Calculated

Your award is based on your current circumstances. In this case, you will be awarded an amount depending on your income from the previous year. If, for instance, your income had reduced, you can request HMRC to revise your award based on your estimate of your future income.

However, be careful not to underestimate your income since you may be forced to pay back any extra amount you get in awards. You can call the Tax Credits number 0843 455 0127 for more information on how to appropriately fill up the claim form.

Child Tax Credits

Tax Credits Number 3

Child tax credits are given to individuals or couples to help with the costs of raising children. Anyone who is 16 years or older, and is responsible for a child, can apply for CTC. The children who are eligible for tax credits should be under 16 years or up to 20 years of age and in proven full-time training or education.

How Much Is Awarded In Child Tax Credits

The following are the rates for 2017/18 tax year. Note that the rates may change so be sure to stay up to date with the current HMRC rates.

  • For a normal child, the annual award is a maximum £2,780 (the basic child award)
  • For a disabled child, the annual award is a maximum of £3,175 over and above the basic child award (basic disabled child award)
  • For a severely disabled child, the annual award is a maximum of £1,290 over and above the basic child and disabled child awards)

Since this is a means tested benefit, the amount awarded will depend on several factors, top on the list being:

  • The number of children in that household
  • The condition of the child (whether living with a disability)
  • The annual household income

Are There Income Limits for Child Tax Credits

There are some limits to the awards a household can get based on the household income (both parents income). We will look at the upper limits of income beyond which one may not qualify for child tax credits.

  • Families with child care costs, the maximum annual household income should be £40,000 for one child, £55,000 for two children and £65,000 for three or more children
  • Families without child care costs, the maximum annual household income should be £25,000 for one child, £35,000 for two children and £40,000 for three or more children

If the annual household income is less or equal to £16,105, the award is a maximum of the amount given for that category. This amount is referred to as the income threshold. Any income above this threshold calls for a reduction in the amount awards at the rate of 41p for each extra £1 in income. You can call the Tax Credits number 0843 455 0127 if you need further advice.

How to Claim and Update Your Child Tax Credits

To file a child tax credit, call Tax Credits office or go to the official HMRC website for more information.

Keep in mind that this is an annual award. As such, it needs to be renewed annually by calling the Tax Credits number 0843 455 0127 or via HMRC. It is also important to note that you will be required to communicate all changes that alter your circumstances. This could be a change in income or expenses. This communication should reach your tax credits officer as soon as is practical.

Working Tax credits number

Tax Credits Number 4

These are government benefits given to people who are working to compensate their low income, and are available to self-employed and employed workers.

The basic working tax credit award is £1,960 annually, and could be accompanied by other awards depending on your circumstances. These circumstances include having a disability or child care costs.

Working Tax Credit and Universal Credit are mutually exclusive; you cannot have both at the same time.

Eligibility for Working Tax Credit

Working tax credits are only in effect where Universal Credit isn’t. As such, the eligibility criterion for WTC is as follows;

  • You do not live in an area were Universal Credit is in effect
  • Either partner in the household qualifies for Pension Credit
  • You have child care costs and/or disability and are aged between 16 and 24 years
  • You are over 25 years and above and work the set minimum working hours

Let us look at this set minimum working hours.

  • Everyone who is 25 years to 59 years old should be working a minimum of 30 hours a week
  • Anyone who is 60+ years old, or is disabled or is a lone parent should work a minimum of 16 hours weekly
  • A couple with children must work at least 24 hours between them, with one partner working at least 16hours a week

There are some exceptions to this rule are;

  • Anyone who living with a disability or is past the state pension age should work for a minimum of 16 hours a week
  • If a partner receives Carer’s allowance, is in prison or hospital, or has a disability or ill health, you should work a minimum of 16 hours a week

Annual Income Limits

Since working tax credits are based on the prevailing circumstances, your income (and that of your partner) will be a deciding factor on the amount of award you receive.

Any household with an annual income of £6,420 and below will get the maximum amount payable for each category qualified for. This is the income threshold; any additional income over this amount will reduce the amount payable in tax credits. This threshold also differs depending on circumstances such as disability and child care costs.

The Maximum Amount Payable in Working Tax Credits

Here are the current rates (tax year 2017/18). Be sure to stay updated accordingly.

ElementMaximum Annual Award
Lone parent or a couple applying jointly£2,010
When working minimum of 30 hours a week £810
If working and are living with a disability£3,000
If living with a severe disability£1,290
If required to pay approved or registered child care70% of the child care costs

If you qualify for both working tax credits and child tax credits, you can be awarded without having to make separate claims. If you have any queries concerning awards, call Tax Credits number 0843 455 0127 today.

Child Benefit Number

CHILD BENEFIT 0843 455 0128

What Is Child Benefit?

child benefit number

Child Benefit number, formally known as Family Allowance number, is a set amount of money that is paid to persons who are responsible for children up to the age of 16, or below 20 for school going persons. Only one person for each child can claim Child Benefit. To ensure smooth access to this benefit, caretakers are urged to report any changes regarding the child to the relevant offices, as soon as they happen.

If your income (or that of your partner) is above £50,000, then you may be required to pay a tax charge.

Importance of Filling out Child Benefit Claim Forms

Owing to the mentioned tax charges, many people may opt to stay without applying for the child benefit. This is because there are times when the total tax may surpass the child benefit to be paid. Nonetheless, even if you choose to stay without the child benefit, it is wise to fill out the claim forms. Below are the reasons why;

  • The child under your care automatically gets registered for the issuance of a national insurance number which is issued at the age of 16
  • You accumulate national insurance credits which add value to your state pension

Child Benefit Rates

The eldest children are eligible for £20.70 per week. The same rates apply for ‘only’ children. Any additional child is entitled to £13.70 on a weekly basis. Any overpayments or underpayments should be communicated to the child benefit office as soon as possible.

Guardian’s allowance could be added to people taking care of other people’s children, take, for instance, a child who has lost both parents. If any, the guardian’s allowance will be paid as an addition to the child benefit.

How Are Benefits Paid For Split Or Merged Families?

If your family splits, then each one of you will get £20.70 per week for the eldest child that stays with you. For instance, if you and your partner have two children, and each partner stays with one child after splitting, then you can both claim £20.70 per week for the child that stays with you. If there is only one child, then the person living with him/her will be the only one getting paid after a split.

What if families merge? In this case, the eldest child of the merging families will be only one entitled to the £20.70 rate. All the other children get £13.70 per child.

Payments of Child Benefit

child benefit payment

Normally, the child benefit will be paid on the first Monday or Tuesday of every month. However, caretakers under a special category such as single mothers and those receiving other payments such as income support can opt to have their payments on a weekly basis.

Child benefit can only be paid into one account. Ensure that your stated payment bank is yours and that it bears your name. Caretakers with an income that exceeds £50,000 may be required to pay a certain fee known as the tax charge. If you have any questions call the child benefit number on 0843 455 0128

The Relationship between Child Benefit and State Pension

If you have a child who is below 12 years and you are still unemployed or do not earn enough money to pay national insurance contributions, then applying for child benefit can help you to qualify for national insurance credits. These credits add a score to your state pension and protect it by ensuring that there are no gaps in your national insurance record.

Eligibility for Child Benefit Payments

As mentioned earlier, only one person can claim a benefit for each child. You are required to be a UK resident and responsible for a child under the age of 16 or 20 for children in full-time education. How is the legibility to a child calculated? You are only responsible if you live with the child and or pay an amount or contributions totalling to the £20.70 to the person taking care of them.

Contributions can be regarding food, pocket money, clothes, presents, and money. The benefit continues for five months after 16-17-year-olds clear school and joins a government body. Eligibility may differ if your child lives with someone else or is in hospital care.

Your access to child benefit ceases when;

  • The benefiting child begins receiving a particular benefit such as income support, tax credits or employment income on their own.
  • The child starts engaging in paid employment for 24 hours or more per week
  • The child is no longer in education and training
  • The benefiting child settles for an apprenticeship in England

How to Claim For Child Benefit

child benefit claim form

Fill out a child benefit claim form commonly known as CH2. Attach original birth certificate and send it to the child benefit office. If you are living with an adopted child, you will be required to attach the adoption certificate.

If for some reason you do not have either the birth or adoption certificate, do not hesitate to send your claim form. You can then send the certificate later when you have access to it. Remember you can always apply for a new adoption or birth certificate if you have lost it.

Subsequent claim applications for the same child do not require you to attach birth or adoption certificate. Just fill in the claim form and send it to the child benefit office.

Tax Credits

You can get child tax credits; working tax credits also have a childcare element in it. Tax credits are monies paid to the parents who are taking care of the child/children. Tax credits are means tested; the amount you get is dependent on your income. Couples are encouraged to apply jointly for tax credits. If that is impossible, the parent taking care of the child (in case of a divorce or lone parent home) can apply. Keep in mind that you can only get tax credits if you are already receiving child benefit.

Waiting Period

It takes around three months to process a new child benefit claim. This period may be a bit longer if you just moved to the UK.

It is advisable to make claims as soon as possible; do it as soon as your child is born or comes to live under your care.

Child benefit payments will be backdated for a maximum of 3 months, but it is always good to make claims soonest possible.

Child Benefit Number Summary

Any changes affecting the eligible children should be reported to the child benefit office as soon as they happen. Such changes may include family status or the child’s education. In case of any dissatisfaction, feel free to contact the child benefit office.

You can also send appeals to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal in case you do not agree with any decision at the child benefit office. However, you can always ask for a compulsory re-consideration before moving to the appeal body.

CSA Contact Number

CSA NUMBER 0843 455 0070 NEW CLAIMS 0843 455 0030

To contact the CSA if you have a new claim, you must first call Child Maintenance Service on 0843 455 0030. To inquire about an existing account, you need to call your CSA contact number regional office 0843 455 0070. You will have to supply your national insurance number and date of birth, so have those details on hand when you call.

CSA Contact Number
Child Support Agency (CSA)

CSA was established by the Child Support Act of 1991. This Act is a set of laws that govern CSA and is aimed at ensuring that both parents are held responsible for the upkeep of their children. The Child Support Act dictates how child maintenance should be calculated and collected. It also states that non-resident parents also have an obligation towards their children and are legally required to do their share of the responsibilities as dictated by CSA.

How CSA Works Out Child Maintenance

After a divorce, both parties can agree between themselves on how much should be paid in child support and when. This is referred to as a family-based agreement, which is most encouraged. However, in most cases, both parties cannot agree on amicable terms to sort out their finances. As such, they can involve CSA or the court to help sort out the situation. You can call the CSA Contact Number on 0843 455 0030 for more information.

Child Support Agency uses personal information of both parties to come up with a figure that is fair to both parties. CSA looks at such information as;

  • The income of the paying parent
  • The number of children whose needs should be met
  • How often the children in question spend the night with the paying parent
  • The number of other children that the paying parents get child benefits for

The calculated amount is not dependent on the lifestyle of either parent. It is based on a rough estimate of child care expenses and how much each parent should pay in proportion to their income. In essence, CSA makes sure that both parents share in the costs of raising the children. The CSA Contact Number is 0843 455 0030 to know how the calculations are done or check out the child support calculator.

How Does CSA Collect the Necessary Information?

To determine an amount that is fair for both parties, CSA has to be adequately informed. The information is given by both parents as well as collected from third parties such as accountants, employers, and HMRC.

It is in the best interests of everyone that both parents give accurate information as soon as it is requested by CSA. This ensures that the payments are set up as soon as possible, and they are fair to both parties. If any party feels aggrieved, an appeal can always be filed. Call Child Support Agency on 0843 455 0030 if you have any additional information or would like to know how to appeal any decision.

Who Can Call The CSA Contact Number?

CSA Contact Number 5

Child support can be requested by any party who needs assistance with childcare costs. The applicant must be:

  • Either parent who is directly responsible for the daily care of the children
  • Parents or person who expected to pay for the daily upkeep of any children
  • Any Scotland resident who is over the age of 12 and is charged with daily childcare
  • Any applicant whose child is less than 16 years of age, or up to 20 years old if in full-time training/education and is currently receiving child benefits

Anyone who is responsible for the daily upkeep of a child or children can apply for child support. The applicant is referred to as the receiving parent. Child support is remitted by the paying parent. You can call the CSA contact number on 0843 455 0030 for more information.

Previously, the regulations allowed parents to claim child support for children who were up to 19 years. However, it was later revised to a maximum of 20 years to be at par with Child Benefits regulations. This change has been affected by all statutory child support schemes.

CSA Helpline Numbers

For older CSA cases set up before March 2003, you can call the CSA Contact Number on 0834 455 0070.

You can contact CSA through the numbers shown below. All lines are open from 8:00am to 7:30pm Monday – Friday & 9:00am – 4:30pm Saturdays.

CSA OfficesAreas CoveredCSA NumberAddresses
BirkenheadNorth West England & Wales0843 455 0073Freepost RTGJ-CERZ-LRSS, Child Support Agency 5,
Post Handling Site B, Wolverhampton, WV99 1GH.
FalkirkScotland & North East England0843 455 0071Freepost RTGJ-RHTA-EAAB, Child Support Agency 3,
Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton, WV98 1SG.
DudleyThe Midlands0843 455 0074Freepost RTGE-ZHHC-SXKE, Child Support Agency 1,
Post Handling Site B, Wolverhampton, WV99 1ED.
BelfastThe East of England & Northern Ireland0843 455 0072Freepost RTGJ-LSZK-GAET, Child Support Agency 6,
Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton, WV98 1SH.
HastingsSouth East England0843 455 0075Freepost RTGJ-ZCRR-KKKZ, Child Support Agency 2,
Post Handling Site B, WOLVERHAMPTON, WV99 1NE.
PlymouthSouth West England0843 455 0076Freepost RTGH-CAJR-AKJJ, Child Support Agency 4,
Mail Handling Site A, Wolverhampton, WV98 1QL.

If you want to make an application, you may need to call the CSA Helpline on 0834 455 0070 for more information. The Child Support officer will be in a position to explain to you how CSA works, how you can apply, what will be required during the application and how you can appeal a decision.

Child Maintenance Service

CMS gives you information and helps with the choices that are available to you before you set up your new child maintenance agreement. The child maintenance options team can be contacted at 0843 455 0030. These lines are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Mon to Fri & 9:00am to 4:00pm Saturdays.

After a divorce, parents have 3 options for arranging child maintenance. These options include:

  • Family-based agreement
  • CSA aided child maintenance
  • Court orders for child maintenance

1. A family-based arrangement is where both parents come to an amicable agreement overall issues concerning child care. This is the most preferred child maintenance option as it is easy to change terms should the circumstances change, and it is cost-free. However, it is not legally enforceable should one party fail to honour the agreement.

2. Government aided child maintenance is whereby the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Services are involved to help the parents decide on child care issues. CSA calculates how much is payable in child support depending on the income of the paying parent as well as childcare costs. You can arrange to have the paying parent remit the amount through Direct Pay or engage a Collect & Pay service.

3. Court order for child maintenance is the best option when the paying parent earns more than what CSA would typically use when making calculations. It is also the best option if the paying parent does not reside within UK. If there are additional costs that come with child care such as raising a child with disabilities, a court order may assist a parent get more to cover the extra costs.

CSA Appeals & Complaints

Appeals & Complaints can be made directly to the main CSA Contact Number 0843 455 0070; this line is open the same hours as the regional office numbers.

If you feel that the child maintenance decision made was wrong, you can apply for a review. If you still think that the review was unjust, you are allowed to appeal the decision to an independent tribunal. You can also call CSA Contact Number 0843 455 0070 to complain if you are not happy with any of the services offered.


You are allowed to request a review of a child maintenance decision made. In the review, CMS or CSA will explain the reasons why they have come to that decision. They may also look at the facts of the application again.

You can request a review within 30 days of the original decision, citing reasons why you feel that a review is necessary.


You can appeal the new decision made after a review if you are still not satisfied. The appeal may be filed within 30 days of receiving the review decision. Appeals are heard by an independent organization.

Appeals against enforcing child maintenance payments are not allowed. However, you can go to court to challenge the enforcement measures put in place

You cannot appeal against paying child maintenance under claims that you are not the father of the said child. There is a separate process for such claims.

Note That

CSA is not meant to punish parents who do not live with the children. It is important that both parents understand that they are legally obligated to take care of their children whether or not they are divorced. As such, each parent must bear the costs of childcare regardless of where the children live. Remember that CSA only works to assist parents and children who reside in the UK. You can call the Child Support Agency on 0843 455 0030 for more details on residency requirements.