LV Contact Number

LV Contact Number

LV CONTACT NUMBER 0843 455 0144

LV Contact Number

Liverpool Victoria Insurance is the leading mutual and financial services provider, with more than 6,200 people under their employ. They boast of a solid customer base with more than 5.8 million clients, 1.1 million of whom are members.  Clients enjoy an assortment of products including insurance covers as well as retirement and investment resolutions.

What Liverpool Victoria Insurance Offers

Liverpool Victoria Insurance clients can access services from branches or through contracted brokers and licensed financial advisers. These services are also accessible via strategic partnerships with select organizations. You can call LV contact number 0843 455 0144 if you need information on how to tell if a financial adviser is duly licensed.

LV= categorizes products into:

  • General Insurance covers for those material items that people treasure such as cars, homes, holidays, businesses and pets.
  • Life Insurance covers with retirement and protection product. These covers comprise of investments and savings and covers lives and wages.
  • Heritage Insurance covers for investments and savings products that we do not actively market.
  • Non-insurance services for on-line retirement advice.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance is the 3rd largest automotive insurer in the UK and the most recognized service provider for car cover. However, general insurance service provides a wide array of insurance merchandise online, over the phone on LV contact number 0843 455 0144, through agents and/or partners.

The life insurance business has solid capabilities in critical illness and income protection, and LV= is the leading supplier of individual salary assurance in the UK. The retirement solutions offer a variety of retirement income products and are strategically developed to profit from the various changes in how people approach retirement income.

Our heritage insurance products are the customary heartland of our Society. This part of our operations takes care of a portion of the longest-running policies, the vast majority of which are with-benefits covers which have been active for decades.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance (LV=) started in 1843 and today provides a wide array of retirement resolutions and insurance products.

Summary of Liverpool Victoria’s Life Insurance Policy

Liverpool Victoria

LV= life cover can give a single lump sum payout to your family and other dependants in case of your demise. The same policy also incorporates a critical illness cover. This cover is meant to assist with regular bills such as living expenses and mortgage repayments in case of loss of income.  You should be between the age of 17 and 69 to purchase LV= life cover and should be a permanent resident of the UK. You can call LV contact number 0843 455 0144 for more information.

The amount one can get depends on your age when you start the policy. You can get a maximum of £500,000 for those who are 55 years and below, up to £300,000 for holders who are between 56 and 65 years and up to £200,000 for those who are 66 years and above.

LV= has a different life insurance policy for those who are 50 years and above. The plan guarantees a lump sum payout within two days. This plan is available today, and the prices start at £7 every month.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance has as of late added an element to its 50s insurance policy referred to as Doctor Services and is accessible via a Square Health powered app. It gives policyholders access to three professional medical services.

  • Remote General Practitioner allows the policyholder to talk to a specialist via phone or video, up to 5 times annually. Get the diagnosis, referrals to specialists and treatment advice for common ailments
  • The second Opinion allows the policyholder to look for a diagnosis and access guidance on the options available for treatment with any UK medical professional. This can be done via video or in person.
  • Prescription Services gives policyholders access to a private prescription without having to see your local general practitioner. This is an easier way to get the right prescription for your ailment.

Joint life policies, benefit limits apply only to the eldest individual on the program. Your insurance cover has to be five years long, but not longer than 45 years. This policy ends before you turn 85. You can get more details by calling LV contact number 0843 455 0144.

You can get a level or reducing term policy with Liverpool Victoria life insurance based on your situation.

  • A level term LV= policy features a fixed amount to cover the entire period of the plan. This amount will not be affected by inflation.
  • A decreasing LV= policy features a cover whose amount reduces monthly. The premium is constant, but it is considerably lower compared to a level term policy.

Liverpool Victoria compensated 97% of their life cover claims and 91% of all life-threatening illness dues in 2015.

Is It Possible To Add Critical Illness Cover To My LV= Life Cover?

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As it is with most life insurance covers, with LV=, you can get an additional critical illness cover. Critical illness, combined with a life insurance policy, will issue compensation on demise or diagnosis with any one of the 64 pre-determined sicknesses. You are at liberty to determine how much you want to be paid when you place a claim. For instance, you may decide to have life insurance of £100,000 and only £25,000 for a severe illness claim.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance gives critical illness cover for kids of up to 21 years, at no added cost. All medical conditions are insured save for permanent disability as well as Type 1 diabetes mellitus. Critical illness claims will only be honored if you survive for more than 14 days after diagnosis. You can call LV contact number 0843 455 0144 for more information on critical illness claims. Payments can be taken directly out of your bank account.

Who Can Take Up Liverpool Victoria Insurance Life Cover?

LV= insurance policies are available to any permanent UK resident who is 79 years and younger. As you apply, you may be required to provide your doctor’s specifics and state your medical past. You should be as truthful as you can to avoid claim rejection due to inaccuracies.

What Will Happen In Case of a Life-Threatening Illness?

You are allowed to claim your life cover policy if you get a terminal illness diagnosis. Nevertheless, the total lump sum payable is reduced by 3%. If your life insurance cover has less than 48 months, your claim for terminal illness will get declined.

When you successfully get a critical illness claim paid, your life insurance policy ends with the claim. If you still have a critical illness policy, you can still get the full amount payable under that cover.

How Much Does LV= Life Cover Cost?

Liverpool Victoria life covers are priced from £5 monthly but will differ depending on how much you’d like to cover, the length of your policy and personal particulars.

LIVERPOOL Victoria’s above 50s life cover prices are from £7 monthly.

Your age and habits such as smoking can influence the premium amounts. All the same, as soon as your cover begins, your payments do not change till the end.

What Customer Reviews Say About LV= Insurance

Liverpool Victoria’s life cover has an enviable 8.9 star ranking out of 10. This is from more than 540 client reviews on Reevoo.

What Expert Reviews Say about Liverpool Victoria Insurance

Liverpool Victoria Insurance’s Flexible Protection Plan reducing life cover has a 5-star ranking from an independent financial products reviewer Defaqto. The LV= level term cover of the same policy has four stars, and its life cover has three stars.

Fairer Finance, an independent review site, ranked Liverpool Victoria Insurance 13th out of 21 acclaimed life insurance services providers in June of 2017. This classification is dependent on the number of claims, transparency and complaints filed.

Liverpool Victoria Insurance has also won several awards; such the Moneywise Most Trusted Life Insurer, 2016 award.

LV Contact Number 0843 455 0144